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Is being a chef a perfect profession in India?

The People who want to become chef or planning to join this profession. One question will always be lingering in their mind. Is becoming a chef good for their career? I will answer this question in the last paragraph.

Firstly,  Let’s discuss! Who is a chef and what are their responsibility?

Chef and head cook daily see the food preparation and direct the staff to any food-related concern.

Roles and Responsibility

  • Make a delicious food and coordinate with staff to prepare a food.
  • Monitor sanitation practices and make ensure that staff would follow the same.
  • Check freshness in food and ingredients.
  • HIre, train and supervise junior chefs.

Chefs are using a variety of equipment like high-quality knives, grills, fryers and cleaning and sanitation.

People can use this profession in a variety of ways. They can do a job or run their own business:

  • They can build their own restaurant.
  • They can become top chefs in five star or seven-star hotels
  • The chef can start their own business by working individually for a client.


Chef jobs are not easy. Sometimes, chefs are liable to work in a morning, late night, weekends and holidays. For example, if you are working in a hotel so you could be responsible for making a food in time and also guide your fellow chefs to make a delicious food.

Work experience and Education

Degree in Hotel Management or if you want to enhance your practice, you can get training from culinary art school and any other institute. Mostly, in this field, an individual should spend their time in the kitchen and keep on doing practice until you become perfect in that particular item.

The most chef started from line cook and learning skills from the head chefs. They have to do a lot of practice to improve their cooking skills, spend several hours in the kitchen, try to make an innovative and creative dish and then they will entitle to call themselves a “chef”.

Career Progression

As you know, the chefs are needed everywhere, on the road and in the air. Job opportunity in this field is immense. People can become a head chef, cook, deputy chef, Chief chef and if they are very passionate about this field. They can become more popular by taking part in “Masterchef” or other reality shows that come on the tv.

Some of the famous chefs that come on television are Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna. The people can influence from this people to progress in this career.

The chef is a perfect career to choose in India. If you want to earn a lot of money alongside with popularity then definitely is a perfect job for you. Since those days are gone when people would see chef jobs as an unsatisfactory or unacceptable. Nowadays, it becomes one of the few jobs that people wish to go into.

Good luck!

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