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Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Begin an Internship

In case you’re considering how to land another position, you may consider completing a temporary job. Be that as it may, before you hop in, pose these inquiries.

This can help if:

you’re pondering completing a temporary job

you’ve chosen to complete an entry level position

you need to know how to enable your temporary position to be effective

Entry level positions

1. For what reason am I keen on doing an entry level position?

An entry level position(or a summer internship) is a transient game plan to get understanding and at work preparing inside a business. There are both paid and unpaid entry level positions. A few purposes behind completing a temporary job include:

You’re considering and need to get some involvement before you move into business.

You’d get a kick out of the chance to get into an alternate industry, yet need to give it a shot before you submit.

You’re attempting to land a position and figure it will have abilities from a temporary position included on your resume.

for what reason am I

2. What would I like to receive in return?

That is a choice you’ll need to make for yourself, yet here are some conceivable answers:

I could learn things like how to utilize a specific bit of programming.

I could make contacts in the business. If you are in a foreign internship, you could learn new culture, language and see a new country.

The work history will look great on my resume.

Be clear in yourself about what you need, and after that offer your objectives with your chief.

What do I

“I needed to get a few hands-on understanding and to ensure I was going down the correct profession way. We had a family companion who worked in neighborhood government and he could mastermind me to burn through two weeks getting hands-on involvement in the client administration and IT divisions.” – Erin, 23

3. Would i be able to manage the cost of it?

Completing a financial plan before you begin is a decent method for sussing out your accounts previously you begin. Think about your calendar and get particular about the points of interest, for example, the measure of time you need to spend there ( day seven days for two months).

would i be able to manage

4. How would I get a temporary job?

Some approaches to get a temporary position include:

Look at the sites of associations you’re keen on to check whether they run temporary jobs. On the off chance that there’s nothing on their site, send them an email communicating your advantage, and connect your resume.

Converse with your uni or TAFE in case you’re examining. Some unis have pages on their site to enable understudies to discover temporary positions.

Proceed to pursuit of employment sites, (for example, SEEK or Pedestrian TV) and hunt by entry level positions.



Is being a chef a perfect profession in India?

The People who want to become chef or planning to join this profession. One question will always be lingering in their mind. Is becoming a chef good for their career? I will answer this question in the last paragraph.

Firstly,  Let’s discuss! Who is a chef and what are their responsibility?

Chef and head cook daily see the food preparation and direct the staff to any food-related concern.

Roles and Responsibility

  • Make a delicious food and coordinate with staff to prepare a food.
  • Monitor sanitation practices and make ensure that staff would follow the same.
  • Check freshness in food and ingredients.
  • HIre, train and supervise junior chefs.

Chefs are using a variety of equipment like high-quality knives, grills, fryers and cleaning and sanitation.

People can use this profession in a variety of ways. They can do a job or run their own business:

  • They can build their own restaurant.
  • They can become top chefs in five star or seven-star hotels
  • The chef can start their own business by working individually for a client.


Chef jobs are not easy. Sometimes, chefs are liable to work in a morning, late night, weekends and holidays. For example, if you are working in a hotel so you could be responsible for making a food in time and also guide your fellow chefs to make a delicious food.

Work experience and Education

Degree in Hotel Management or if you want to enhance your practice, you can get training from culinary art school and any other institute. Mostly, in this field, an individual should spend their time in the kitchen and keep on doing practice until you become perfect in that particular item.

The most chef started from line cook and learning skills from the head chefs. They have to do a lot of practice to improve their cooking skills, spend several hours in the kitchen, try to make an innovative and creative dish and then they will entitle to call themselves a “chef”.

Career Progression

As you know, the chefs are needed everywhere, on the road and in the air. Job opportunity in this field is immense. People can become a head chef, cook, deputy chef, Chief chef and if they are very passionate about this field. They can become more popular by taking part in “Masterchef” or other reality shows that come on the tv.

Some of the famous chefs that come on television are Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna. The people can influence from this people to progress in this career.

The chef is a perfect career to choose in India. If you want to earn a lot of money alongside with popularity then definitely is a perfect job for you. Since those days are gone when people would see chef jobs as an unsatisfactory or unacceptable. Nowadays, it becomes one of the few jobs that people wish to go into.

Good luck!

Author Bio:

I am Akshay Verma. I am working with Aasaanjobs. I am into digital marketing. I love to read an interesting and informative books







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  • Improve better interdependence between departments and business units

Elemantra Consultancy offers a wide range of Indoor Team Building activities for you to choose from such as:

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Download All YouTube Playlists

YouTube is the largest and most crowded video provider. Of course many people want to have a video or even convert from video to MP3 form. Therefore this article will discuss technically specific solutions on how to download YouTube playlist. As we know YouTube is the largest and most popular video sharing website in the world. YouTube provides many features that can simplify the user, but there are some features that are not provided such as to download all playlists on one of the channels and convert them into MP3.

Can we download the videos available in the playlist? You can get it all. But it may be very troublesome if we want to download all YouTube playlist in one page. Just imagine if the chanel have 50 more videos, to download them one by one and then convert it to MP3 manually would take a long time. But just calm down here will be explained simple steps and tricks to meet the expectations of video and MP3 lovers from YouTube.

For the solution of the problem we can use YouTube to Mp3 Converter app, here’s how to use it.

  1. Download and install – Download and install first YouTube to MP3 converter, you can download it at official website from YouTube.
  2. Find a playlist and Copy URL – Then find the YouTube playlist you want to download or that you have created. Then copy the URL of the playlist.
  3.  Paste the URL – Run the YouTube to MP3 Converter app and paste the URL into it using the buttons on the toolbar. Or, you simply drag and drop the URL from the browser to this program.
  4. Add all playlists – YouTube to MP3 Converter automatically detects the video as part of a playlist and suggests two options: download this video only or the entire playlist. Click the button with the “list” icon to download all videos from the playlist.
  5. Ready to download – Lastly, Click the button with the down arrow or download icon. then the process of downloading all videos and converting them to MP3 will start. You can also add other videos or other playlists to the download list.

I hope you have some knowledge of how to download YouTube playlist. To find out how to download All YouTube Playlists I recommend visiting This is the end of this article and hopefully useful.


Educating Children -Their Bodies

Many young people tend to have body image, this has been seen for decades, but the last few years have seen an increase in the issue and are more visible to young women. Right now we have a skinny media-centric obsession, something that impresses our youth much more than we do. Even with this, terrible obesity has risen to an all time high in all aspects of age, so this can be a daunting prospect when trying to find a medium to overcome the attitude we give our kids about how they look and how they look healthy Here are 10 points that will help generate the right attitudes towards your child’s body.

1. Look far from what matters. Think about your body’s ability, and how it works. Your child should be encouraged to see their body as a tool of strength and strength, something that is outside the ornament behind the glass case. This will encourage a true appreciation of their bodies.
2. If you take care of your body, it will look after you. Everyone can say that at some point they have taken their bodies for granted, it’s easy to forget the better we take care of our bodies, the better our feelings and the better we will function, and something that we can only do on our own.

3. Find out what sport or activities your child likes. What sports do they take interest in? Football? Gymnastics? Make sure they’re encouraging it’s predominately physical! Make sure it’s not about competition, achievement or even performance, as long as they give it their all and enjoy it that’s all that matters
4. Your body needs appreciation! If your child identifies everything their bodies do for them, there is less chance of them taking it for granted, therefore leading to better decisions when it comes to healthier choices.

5. Identify positive changes. When you see changes in your child, it might be dexterity, power, strength, visual acuity or even performance time, tell them! This will foster the development of self confidence, and will increase the chance of them to continue doing activities.

6. Switch to a more sustainable energy source. It sounds wrong to talk about sustainable energies when we talk about food, but it’s the same principles, you’ll find your body prefers to take its energy from good foods, and will sustain itself longer on them, the healthier you eat, the more energy you will have, believe me, its true!

7. Self appreciation is key. Make sure your children know their special qualities not just on the inside, but the outside too. Every single person on this earth has great positive qualities about them, make sure your kids know what they are!

8. Keep track of their body signals. Teach your children that they should eat when they’re hungry, and its OK to eat when they’re hungry, the key is to let them stop when they’ve had enough. If they’re tried, either slow down or stop, if they’re in pain or not feeling well they should be aware of these signals and teach them that reacting to them is OK, this will create a relationship between the child and their limits, parents should also be adopting this method.

9. Express yourself. Not only is it a great song, its a great way of brushing away those cobwebs. Your kids should know they can express themselves and who they are by any means, through physcial expression, or the way they dress or the colours they like, all of this will make them feel extra good about themselves.

10. Make them aware that your love is unconditional. You should make sure your children know you want the best for them, and that you want them to be happy, mentally and physically. But in any state, you love them none the less. How they look or feel isn’t a factor you take into account of you loving them, this will help them feel secure so they can make healthy choices for themselves.

Communicating all of these things to your children, and showing an example by doing it on your own will make your child feel more comfortable making independent decisions when making choices about healthy activities and foods. All of these points will help your child lose weight.